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We need to give young people a chance to shape their own future, and that includes the environment.
- Angela Merkel
The natural environment sustains the life of all beings universally and it is the responsibility of the youth to ensure its sustainability.
- Abhijit Naskar

Welcome to Youth fit for 55 platform, a European initiative developed by a network of dedicated organizations, aiming to engage young people across Europe in the green transition and to inspire them to contribute meaningfully to a sustainable future. 

Our journey is anchored in the European Green Deal's "Fit for 55" package, an ambitious roadmap which reveals the collective effort needed to reach our objective of 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Given the high stakes of the green transition, "fit for 55" is more than just a rationale for supporting or complementary endeavours. It is an invitation to act, which this project is taking on, addressing the area of youth participation and cooperation.

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Project Activities

The project is designed to include a wide array of activities which will educate and inspire the youth regarding sustainability and sustainable practices, thus preparing them to step into leadership roles in the green transition and bring innovative and sustainable changes to their communities.

The planned set of activities is meticulously crafted to generate the following project results:

Project Result 1

An engaging awareness campaign aimed at fostering knowledge transfer and igniting creativity among the youth. The communication waves will be driven by an “Awareness GUIDE”, showcasing diverse best practices from global trendsetters and local social innovators, culminating with a creative youth ideas contest on sustainable living. These initial steps serve as a catalyst to involve young minds in the green transition.

Project Result 2

A practical digital toolkit for youth leaders and educators, aiming to guide them through the process of designing and implementing projects and long-term strategies that incorporate green practices.

The toolkit will include several foresight tools meant to develop a forward-thinking mindset and the necessary skills to drive forward the green transition.

Project Result 3

European youth serving organisations fit for the green transitionBlueprint - a methodological guide designed for youth serving organisations across Europe on getting fit for delivering (on) the green transition. This Blueprint is a key digital resource which will help youth serving organizations to strategically position themselves by developing future-oriented and innovative thinking for addressing the green transition.

Project Result 4

Youth fit for 55 web platform will ensure the sustainability, proper distribution, and spillover of the project. The digital hub will serve as a knowledge repository, collaborative space, and online course delivery platform for the extended youth green community. This platform will be fundamental to ensure that the Open Educational Resources (OER) reach the project's target groups.

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